Win an iON Air Pro Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera/Camcorder

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If you are the adventurous outdoorsy type whose idea of fun is leaping out of planes, climbing up mountains, or throwing yourself down them on a mountain bike, or a pair of skis then this prize is for you! But it will also suit the more humble commuter cyclist with a growing  trend in cyclists wearing helmet cameras for safety purposes to encourage better more considerate driving in all road users.

This camera can be attached to any type of helmet, motorcycle, mountain bike, ski and skydive or with a handlebars attachment for bicycles, jet skis,  4x4 off roadsters and motorbikes, so you can record the action as you live it and then share it with others. With the optional Ion Wi-Fi Podz you will be able to preview what the camera sees, replay video footage and transfer the content on to the internet using the mobile smart device without having to use a computer or any cables. It features 4 HD resolution settings and 2 frame rate settings, so you can capture the action in the detail you want. And with ION Cloud you will get 8GB of free storage as well as the ability to access your content on smart phones and tablets anywhere you please. A single button operation  means with just one click you can start the camera and record, and take still images with single shot, time lapse and 10 photos-per-second- burst modes. This camera is also one of the lightest on the market and is waterproof so no need for an extra waterproofing cover.

Sharing your breathtaking experiences will be effortless and more rewarding than ever! Enter now and get in on the action!

The prize: 1 x iON Air Pro Sports Action Camera

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