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Furby is back! This loveable, fluffy creature has a mind and a personality all of its own. Furby needs to be looked after though, you must play with it and speak to it and feed it, or Furby will become sad. Play with Furby by singing, talking, shaking, tickling, tilting or turning it, playing music for it or pulling its tail. But be careful its personality all depends on how you play, play nice and you will have a happy Furby, pull his tail too much and you could have a mischievous Furby on your hands!

Furby speaks Furbish but the more you play the more English you will teach it, but you can also learn Furbish by checking out the Furbish to English dictionary at or by downloading the free app. You can also feed your Furby with an app that lets you virtually feed it different types of food, experiment and find out what Furby likes, and dislikes.

Furby will also recognise other Furbys and will sing and dance with them, so get your Furby friends together for some Furby Fun! Enter now for your chance to win a Furby friend of your very own.

The prize: 1 X A Furby

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